Find Out How To Stop Panic Attacks In 3 Easy To Follow Steps!

By now you have probably read about symptoms of panic anxiety attacks. If not, please do it now because it serves as an introduction to the subject of treatments for panic attacks.

Done? Ok, let’s move on…

Now that you know how anxiety attack works and what are the most common symptoms associated with it, you can proceed to the next stage – learning how to stop panic attacks.

Stop trying to “cope” with unpleasant bodily sensations

If you want to know how to stop panic attacks and regain control over your mind and body, you need to change your attitude towards unpleasant bodily sensations associated with high levels of anxiety.

You have to stop suppressing them because such behavior creates internal friction and raises the stress level. This in turn results in more terrifying experiences that cause even more physical and mental tension and serve as ignition for a panic attack.

That is why the key tip on how to stop panic attacks is to work with the unpleasant bodily sensations and not against them. The next time you’ll feel intense anxiety try to focus on the feelings that come with it and don’t fight them. Acknowledge that you’re safe, label the fearful thoughts and invite them inside. I know how ridiculous it sounds and how hard it may seem, especially if you’re scared to death, but trust me – you WILL BE fine!

How to stop panic attacks by observing and embracing unpleasant sensations

Make every effort to observe the bodily sensations associated with the upcoming panic attack. Feel your heart beating faster and faster. Stop trying to control your breath and instead, let your body do the work for you. You will NOT suffocate!

Remember what I’ve told you in the last article? Your body’s main goal is to keep you alive and there is no chance that it will suddenly forget how to breath.

The next step in this guide on how to stop panic attacks is to embrace the fear as it rises with you. Welcome it, say that you’re glad that it came and invite it to stay. Show that you’re not stressed by its presence.

By embracing the fear you begin to process the sensations and your emotions start to flow with the physical experience, not against it. This reduces the psychological friction within you and lowers your resistance.

How to stop panic attacks? When you feel that you can’t stand it anymore, demand more

There will come a moment when the whole situation will become overwhelming and you will not be able to handle it anymore.

Because the whole experience will be extremely uncomfortable, you will either want to run and hide or fight the terrifying sensations. This is the time when you’ll need to enter the 3rd, most crucial stage of the process.