Night Sweats In Women Under 40

Night sweats in women under 40 is no reason for alarm and occurs quite frequently as your body experiences changes. Night sweats are first thought of to be related to menopause, but there are non medical and medical causes other than menopause that can cause night sweats in younger women. If there is a history in the family of early menopause, it would be worth to consider this an option, but other factors should be taken into consideration first. If night sweats start, track the frequency and degree of the occurrences before jumping to conclusions that illness is causing the condition.

Non-medically related night sweats can be discovered easily with awareness, knowledge and easy to make changes. Keep in mind that genetics can cause this conditions making it hereditary and a conversation with your mother could rule out any negative thoughts. Environmental changes like the changes in seasons or excessively hot evenings can bring on bodily heat. If bedding, pajamas or heating systems are not changed at the same time the environmental changes occur,natural night sweats will occur as a way to release extra heat.

Chart sleeping patterns for the next few evenings with new bedding and natural fiber clothing to see if a change occurs. Eating late, spicy food or introducing a new food into your diet can also bring on the condition in women of all ages. Non-medical reasons for night sweats can be tested through diet, material options, journalling of the changes made and the result of these changes. If the night sweats continue, it is at this time important to contact a medical professional and investigate potential medical reasons for night sweats in women under 40.

Doctors will review the obvious non-medical reasons first so the journal of changes, occurrences and degrees will be helpful to review. Potential medical reasons for night sweats in women under 40 if they are not experiencing menopause are low estrogen, hormonal changes, infections or a reaction from a prescription drug.

Depending on your history, recently conducted tests and possible other symptoms (infections will have other symptoms that make it easy to isolate this as a potential cause) a doctor will order the appropriate tests that will alert if the experience is related to any of these medical conditions. Very seldom are women being diagnosed with cancer, untreatable diseases or serious medical conditions just based on night sweats. If the condition was grave, night sweats would be one of many symptoms that would be interrupting sleep and daily routines.

Night sweats as a single condition could be the best news and quickly resolved. Night sweats in women under 40 is no reason to press the medical panic button but to avoid the embarrassment or discomfort of this night time nuisance, consider non-medical changes to your sleeping environment and clothing first taking seasonal changes into consideration before running to a medical practitioner for a series of tests. The stress incurred from negative thoughts could increase the degree of the night sweats and exasperate a resolvable situation.