Making Use of New Hemorrhoid Treatment

If you have repeatedly suffered from hemorrhoids over a long period of time in which none of the remedies seemed to have worked then you may be searching for a new hemorrhoid treatment. Experiencing hemorrhoids either for the first time or on a reoccurring basis can be very painful and even embarrassing and it is not only hard to imagine the level of self consciousness involved with having hemorrhoids but also the agony that accompanies the situation unless an individual experiences them first hand.

The type, location and severity of any hemorrhoid are normally individual specific. No two cases are necessarily going to be the same and hence the treatment that is best for you may very well be found by visiting your doctor. In most of the cases, the doctor will exhaust all possible treatments before giving consideration to any surgical procedure and while sometimes the hemorrhoids will clear up by themselves within a few days, there are times when they might last longer than usual. But visiting a doctor is a must and should not be put off since it is the only way at the onset which is often the key to a quicker recovery.

The new hemorrhoid treatment entails the application of witch hazel since it causes inflamed tissue to shrink and is more than likely offer instant relief. It can be found in many medical wipes and simply reading the label can tell you rather or not any specific product contains witch hazel. Alternatively, witch hazel can also be purchased on its own and applied with a tissue as well.

Acetaminophen, aspirin and the application of over the counter creams such as hemorrhoid cream, petroleum jelly and or suppositories are also known to offer relief as are a warm saltwater bath, or sitz bath taken several times a day. If possible you should sit in the tub with your knees up in order to offer optimal exposure. Wearing loose, cotton clothing can be very helpful and of course simple good hygiene is always recommended especially when dealing with hemorrhoids.

The new hemorrhoid treatment recommends a good diet, exercise and healthy living since it extrapolates the theory of prevention being better than cure. Foods that are hard on the digestive system can cause constipation and straining, one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids. Inactivity, sitting or standing, for long periods of time can cause internal pressure points which can lead to the development of hemorrhoids. Stretching at least once an hour can help avoid developing a hemorrhoid condition due to inactivity.